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Golf Fitness Training Principles That Produce Results
By Susan Hill
Dec 15, 2014

Time is a precious commodity when it comes to golf. We need to set aside time for practice, play and training in addition to managing our jobs, our families and other priorities and interests. Training should be a compliment to our ...
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Women's Golf And Exercise
By Susan Hill

Jan 07, 2014

While golf is long overdue to benefit from the application of fitness, thanks to women like Annika Sorenstam, women are now realizing strength training and flexibility conditioning aren’t just for men. The benefits on the golf ...
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Can a Stability Ball Help You Strengthen Your Core For Golf?
By Susan Hill

Sep 07, 2010

Some call it a Swiss Ball, some call it a fitness ball, others use the more modern term stability ball. Whatever you call it, the stability ball has been used in exercise and rehabilitation for years and has recently been adopted ...
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Focus on Fitness Keeps Norman in the Game

Jul 22, 2008
At the Open Championship at Royal Birkdale, Greg Norman competed stroke-for-stroke with golfers twenty years his junior, even holding the 54-hole lead. The conditions were grueling. ...
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Today's Golf Schools Bring Instruction And Golf Fitness
By Susan Hill

Aug 23, 2010

What comes to mind when you think of golf lessons through a golf school? Do you imagine hours of instruction on the range and putting green? Maybe the school teaching professionals will review the fundamentals and even include a golf ...
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5 Golf Fitness Tips That Work
By Susan Hill

Oct 04, 2010

If you have turned on the television to watch any golf tournament over the last couple of years, you obviously already know the strong role that golf fitness plays in improving your golf game. When you engage in a regular fitness ...
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How Golf Fitness Has Changed The Face Of The PGA Tour
By Susan Hill

Nov 08, 2010

Professional golfers on the tour today are approaching fitness as they never have before. PGA players look to fitness for many of its benefits. Fitness can improve their game through gains in strength, flexibility, and stamina. They can prevent or ...
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Vijay Singh Back in Shape, and Back in the Win Column
By Alan L. Hammond, GolfersMD News

Aug 04, 2008
With Tiger Woods injured, the call among the fans and media to pick up the slack on the PGA Tour has grown louder. One of the names most prominent on everybody’s list has been Vijay Singh. ...
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Tiger Woods is the Fittest Guy in America
By Alan L. Hammond, GolfersMD News

May 23, 2008

"It would be asinine for someone not to work out and go play football. It doesn't make sense for golf, either." So says the world’s number one golfer, and perhaps the greatest golfer of all time.
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What Can A Single Digit Handicap Golfer Do That You Can't?
By Susan Hill

Oct 18, 2010

Chances are that if you’re an avid golfer, you’d love to be a single digit handicap golfer. So what do these golfers have that you don’t? You may be thinking they’re simply “better golfers,” and that may be true, but odds are ...
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Creating A Golf Fitness Program
By Susan Hill

Oct 25, 2010

For the average golfer embarking on a total golf fitness program may sound a little overwhelming. Fitting the program into your schedule on a regular basis may seem like something for which you simply don’t have the time. However, ...
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Vijay Sits with a Rib Injury
By Alan L. Hammond, GolfersMD News

May 31, 2008

One week after withdrawing from the BMW PGA Championship in Wentworth, U.K., Vijay Singh elected to sit out
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Upper Cross Syndrome May Impact Your Golf Swing
By Bob Forman, News

Nov 15, 2010

The computer age has done wonders for bringing the world closer together, but it’s ruining our golf swings.
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How is Your Golf Stamina On The Back Nine?
By Susan Hill

Apr 25, 2011

Loss of golf stamina and endurance toward the end of an eighteen-hole round of golf happens to many golfers ...
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Golf Fitness for the Casual Golfer
By Alan L. Hammond, GolfersMD News

Sep 15, 2011

Despite the look of some high profile, high visibility golfers, golfers are athletes.
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Finding a Personal Trainer for Golf Fitness
By Alan L. Hammond, GolfersMD News

Dec 06, 2010

Over the last decade, fitness has become an important part of a golfer’s routine.
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A Little Bit of Exercise Makes the Golf Ball Go a Long Way.
By Reviewed by Susan Hill GolfersMD News

Oct 04, 2010

According to a recent study, performance in recreational golfers improves after an eight- week golf fitness program.
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Bad Golf Habit or Physical Limitation
By Alan L. Hammond GolfersMD News Program Helps Golfers Identify Problems, Make Improvements

Sep 01, 2011

Every golfer has components of their golf swing that causes problems.
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Golf Fitness Training: A Little Training will Go a Long Way
By Alan L. Hammond, GolfersMD Health News

Jan 17, 2011
It’s no secret that resistance and flexibility training can have a positive impact on a person’s athletic golf performance. ...
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Warm Up May Increase Golf Club Head Speed
By By GolfersMD Reporter, Reviewed by Susan Hill Study Shows Improvement Over Time with Golf-Specific Exercises Prior to Swing

Mar 08, 2011

October 17, 2007 (GolfersMD News) --After completing a study with 20 men to determine the effects of a golf-specific warm up program on club head speed, resulting data looks positive. ...
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Jet Lag – What A Drag for Traveling Golfers
By John Steinbreder, GolfersMD News

Sep 27, 2010
‘Tis the season for long distance golf travel, especially for those on the professional golf tours. This next weekend for example, The Ryder Cup will begin at the Celtic Manor Resort, City of Newport, Wales. ...
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Year End Review. Look Back and Move Forward.
By John Steinbreder, GolfersMD News

Reviewed by the GolfersMD Medical Review Board.
Dec 14, 2010
For serious golfers, the holiday season is good for more than just loading up on turkey and stuffing. It is also the perfect time to work on their games - and use what they did in 2009 to improve their performances in 2010. ...
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Golf Can Extend Your Life
By Alan L. Hammond, GolfersMD News

Nov 29, 2010
There are tons of so-called "golf widows" across the globe who swear by the old saying that their spouses “live and breathe golf.” ...
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Mobile Fitness Re-Shaping Pro Golf Tours
By Alan Hammond, GolfersMD Health News

Feb 21, 2011
Forever-young golf icon, Gary Player, was decades ahead of his time in many ways, not the least of which was in his focus on fitness. In his heyday, Player had to remain fit simply to keep up with the demands of a global schedule and lifestyle, well before most people traveled frequently out of their home zip code. ...
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Help for the “Weekend Warrior"
By Alan L. Hammond GolfersMD News Tips to Prepare the Body for Weekend Fun

Mar 21, 2011

The grind of Monday through Friday often leads people toward cramming several days of fun into a few precious weekend hours.
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Summiting – Three Days in Anaheim
By John Steinbreder, GolfersMD News

Oct 21, 2008
The Titleist Performance Institute hosted the third annual World Golf Fitness Summit in Anaheim, California this past weekend, and perhaps nothing has demonstrated so completely this year the growing importance of health and fitness in the golf industry. ...
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At Age 47, Perry Wins and Gets Memorial Trifecta
By Alan L. Hammond, GolfersMD News

Jun 02, 2008

When Kenny Perry read Paul Azinger’s comments in a newspaper, he was disappointed. ...
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